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As life's basic needs are food, shelter, and love, I'm lucky to have those. Writing, reading, friends, worthwhile endeavors, meaningful rest, and  a sense of spirituality make me feel complete. This Web Site is focused on the writing life, which contains elements of all those dimensions.
My life has been filled with unplanned twists and turns, ranging from the bizarre to the sane, from social injustice to honesty, and from the aggravating to the funny. These experiences find their way into my writing, often providing me with a feeling of satisfaction. 

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Mother Goose Society Website
Mother Goose Day is May First.
Mother Goose and her Web-Home, however,  live on every day, every month, all year.
Rounds Re-Sounding Society
Rounds Re-Sounding Day is August First.
As rounds re-sound and resound, all the world's joined in a circle of harmony.
Family Extensions (Mini-Webs)


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Otherwise copyrighted material herein is used by permission, with the exception of short quotations or works in public domain. copyright © 1998, 2007, 2012 Gloria T. Delamar & William T. Delamar
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