G & B
 Light Verse

I like the whimsy of light verse - playing with insights into my own sometimes quirky psche. I like to give them a "beat" - frequently finding a pattern of almost chanting. I've been writing this kind of patter since I was a kid, often as little verses written for special people on special occasions.  They're not designed to be great poetry, which is obvious, but they are meant to communicate.

Those below are representative.

I Wish I
No Plateaus in Spring
Just Say "Happy Birthday Author"
What to Get for a Writer

I Wish I

I wish I hadn't lost my socks, 
I wish I had a golden box. 
I wish I weren't afraid to ski, 
I wish I had a magic key. 
I wish I hadn't spilled the ink, 
I wish I had a robe of mink. 
I wish I were rich and famous--a star, 
And life were like books and movies are.

- Gloria T. Delamar

- from The Wishing Handbook: 
More than 500 Ways to Make Your Wishes Come True
Gloria T. Delamar: Running Press, 1999

No Plateaus in Spring

A parallel, lilting ode to youth 
and the eternally returning spring.

Tra-la, aha,
The Rites of Spring
Have caught the person
On a wing.
        Searching, flailing
        Soaring, wailing.
        Open heart, open mind,
        Open soul, to inner find.
All is wonder
Found or lost,
        Strife to swallow,
        Strain or wallow;
        Feeling's cling
        Will make its wring.
Peaks and valleys
Spring a reason . . .
More to follow
In life's season.

- Gloria T. Delamar

- from Voices, USG, 1979

pen & pencil
These two verses were written for 
"Versery: The Writing Life"

   Just Say "Happy Birthday, Author"

Authors have their books for sale,
     And that's all very well;
But bookstores have the right to send
     Books back if they don't sell.

So on a writer's birthday, 
      The caring friend soon learns,
Never, ever, use the phrase,
     "Here's wishing you happy returns."

                - Gloria T. Delamar

- from "Versery: The Writing Life,"
PWC Web Site, 1999

What to Get for a Writer

When you want to be good to a writer,
There are lots of things to gift:
A book about the writing craft
Will always give a lift.

Reams of paper bring a smile,
Tablets, memo pads, and such.
If it can be written on,
A writer likes it much.

Folders for files in colors galore,
Are welcome by the batch.
Plus paper clips in many hues,
So projects are a match.

But there's something even better:
It's the very best in fact:
Give a push and use your pull--
And land a writing contract.

               - Gloria T. Delamar

- from "Versery: The Writing Life,"
 PWC Web Site, 1999

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