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We've both given workshops on various aspects of writing - at writers' conferences, at creativity festivals, at adult schools, at conferences where there are a variety of workships given, etc.  There are also workshops we give together, suitable for elderhostels, centers or retreats offering general creativity/writing-related workshops, other adult groups, etc. Our approach is low-key and non-threatening , but professional. There's no heavy push to "produce" - it's fun while writing - how far anyone wants to take what she or he learns is up to the individual.  Described below:
Memoirs Workshop
"Write It Short" Workshop
Self-Editing Workshop

Brief overview of credentials (more within the pages of this Website as you browse the various categories; you may want to read the articles in the two "About Writing" sections):

Gloria T. Delamar (Glo), author nine books, former columnist, writer of published articles and poetry, adult-school writing teacher, workshop leader at writers' conferences (ie. Philadelphia Writers' Conference, State of Maine Writers' Conference, National League of American Pen Women's Conferences (several branches: Philadelphia, PA; Wilmington, DE; Richmond, VA), retreats (ie. Star Island, NH: Life on a Star I; Star Island, NH: Life on a Star II) or special programs (ie. Marywood College, Scranton, PA).  Member of Author's Guild, Philadelphia Children's Reading Round-Table, past-president and current member of Board of Directors of Philadelphia Writers' Conference, Inc.

William T. Delamar (Bill), writer of published articles and poetry, editor of professional papers, workshop leader at writers' conferences (ie. Philadelphia Writers' Conference, State of Maine Writers' Conference, National League of American Pen Women's Conferences (Wilmington, DE branch), retreats (ie. Star Island, NH: Life on a Star II), or special programs (ie. Marywood College, Scranton, PA); Bucks County Community College, PA), senior centers. Past-president as well as current member of Board of Directors of Philadelphia Writers' Conference.

For those with a general interest in recording family memoirs
or those who hope to have a memoir published.


     There's a lot of interest in writing memoirs today. Perhaps you've wanted to write yours, either for your family or even for publication.  This workshop will offer numerous ways of approaching an organized memoir, prodding-techniques for remembering colorful or meaningful moments of the past, and also suggest how to isolate incidents and events that make narratives that your families will love to know, and editors might buy.

     Also presented will be some simple and inexpensive ways of putting together or "publishing" memoirs for family distribution, genealogies, family cookbooks, and simple booklets of essays or poetry.  Bring plenty paper (scrap paper is fine) and pencils.
     * See sample of a family history below.

For those who "have always wanted to write" but feel intimidated 
and for writers who want to hone skills for publication.


     Do you have insights or anecdotes you'd like to develop into short written forms?  Have you thought about writing creative nonfiction (the contemporary buzz-word for essays), opeds, humor, or general articles?  Or would you like to hone fiction skills with a focus on characterization and an understanding of viewpoint? Character sketches, incidents with a point, or scenes that create a sharp sense-of-place are good places to start (one contemporary buzzword is "flash fiction," but it's been a widely-misused term, and we feel that's only effective if the writer exercises some control).

     We'll discuss the basics and subtleties that shape effective pieces, whether they're for publication or just the joy of writing well. Will also include a smattering of easy and fun poetry.  Bring plenty paper (scrap paper is fine) and pencils.

This is a more serious workshop,
intended for those who want to make their work publishable
and their manuscripts devoid of common errors.

Self-Editing Workshop

So, you've written or want to write a nonfiction book, magazine article, novel, or short story. Before you send it off to an agent or editor, there are a slew of tricks for self-editing that will help keep your manuscript out of the "round-file" (trash-bin). Sending a carelessly-edited, or sloppily-typed manuscript is to take serious chances with busy editors/agents who get thousands of manuscripts, most of which get a quick once-over before any serious reading is done. It's dangerous to your chances of acceptance to take the attitude that "they can fix that stuff." "Fixing that stuff" is the writer's job. This workshop hones in on the common mistakes writers make.

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Standard acetate-front report cover with prongs to hold standard 8 1/2" x 11" paper.
Cover and dividers on green paper, with rest on white.
The entire booklet was simply photocopied and the "short-run" of  25 copies was assembled by hand.
"A Delamar Scroll" started out as a project to re-type poems by Bill's grandfather to distribute to the rest of the family. Then, it made sense to include the genealogy of the family as it's been traced back to c1669. For this, Bill wrote a short text to accompany the actual chart, as well as an essay about the Huguenot heritage; then Glo suggested it would be neat to include Bill's reaction to his grandfather's poems.

Then it began to grow even more.  We decided to ask the adult members of the family to send us any memoirs they'd like to add, or poems, or even photographs of paintings they'd created, so it became a combination of memoir and family creative efforts:  Glo worked out the setup of computer pages, organization of the material, and found appropriate graphics to enhance the project. The result is 101 pages long..